Treasures of the Heart


For me, many of the blessings that help me in life don’t always look that great at the time. In fact, so many moments and events that have strengthened me and shown me peace are typically moments that I would have never wanted in the first place. There are certainly things that will always be changeable. And, there are so many things (health, job situation, other people) that I truly cannot control. Yet, among the instability, I am still given real truths to rely upon and cling to in the difficulties.

The artwork that I think represents these truths well includes three objects that are very important to me. They are not important because of their material value or because I am terribly obsessed with having a lot of “stuff”. I do admit that I enjoy my girly clothes and art supplies in mostly healthy moderation. But if I had ever loved and valued “stuff” more than was healthy, moving countries back and forth was certainly a lesson in letting go! I don’t think it would have been very reasonable to lug back 10 suitcases especially after I was called out by a flight attendant for my slightly oversized carry on that I was reminded I would have to lift by myself. Lovely reminder. Truly- I am not a fan of too much. But these key items are valuable to me because of the truths that they bring to my mind.

The necklace you see was a meaningful gift that I was overjoyed to receive. It is a mustard seed that always reminds me of the promise in Matthew 17 that speaks to the power of faith as tiny as a mustard seed. It is so good during the day when things begin to build up or I am tempted to concern myself with random stresses to look at this necklace and know that even if my faith is very small, incredible things are still possible through my life. The earrings were also a gift and they remind me of the importance of others and of relationships. It can be so easy to become too self-focused. As a therapist, I am not going to slam being “self-aware”. However, if we could just consider others more important than ourselves in a heart of service so many of our inner struggles would heal more fully. True joy and beauty are felt more in the relationships we build and the love we can give to others. These earrings remind me of this truth. The final object you sea is a seashell. I grew up being in a constant struggle. What do I love more- the mountains or the ocean? It’s a very critical question! As an adult, I have found that when I am at the beach looking over the water, I am in complete awe. Somewhere, that water meets another shore. And on that other shore, there are people different but also very similar to me. I am reminded of my smallness but preciousness in the incredible creation of nature. It is a truth to hold onto that we are loved and that glorious and magnificent things have been made that show an incredible creator. It is a comfort to me to know that God is present through this creation.


These are truths that help me persevere in the discomfort. They help me hope for a future that I don’t even see when it seems like things are very unclear. They encourage me each day and I hope after reading this and seeing the artwork, you are encouraged as well.

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