Traver and His Dog

This is Traver and he has the honor of being the last dog my parents will ever own (There were always dogs in the house throughout my childhood and they have now declared that 6 dogs in 26 years is the maximum pet allowance… only time will tell if this claim has any legitimacy). Although we have had many different dogs of various shapes, sizes, and personalities, this little guy has turned out to be the most obliging and pleasing of them all.

It was around 2 years ago when I discovered this small yellow mutt happily approaching every car in sight down the street from where my parents live. I had an appointment of some kind and was unable to stop so I quickly rang the Parental Animal Rescuing Services and within the half hour my Dad had sent me a picture of the new guest in the back of his car. After posting flyers and speaking to people in town with no responses, it was clear that the little guy was here to stay.

He is a bit sharper than the sweet basset hound we had when I was very young, not quite as brilliant as the Yorkshire terrier we had when I was a teen and young adult, and (thankfully) far less vocal than each and every dog put together. Perhaps what makes Traver unique is his relaxed nature and loving spirit: perfectly happy and content at each and every moment (well… maybe not when he is a bit cranky at night or when there is a thunderstorm in the making). He is a dog who knows that he has been rescued. Traver Dean- pictured here with prized and beloved small plush dog.

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