I have been to many waterfronts and beaches that include islands in the Bahamas, the Southern coastline of The United States, and the emerald waters along the Mediterranean coast in Italy. Perhaps my favorite of all of the coastlines and beaches I have been to would have to be The Seven Sisters and the view from Birling Gap in East Sussex in England.

The beach itself is very different from anything I had ever experienced growing up in Georgia. When thinking of the beaches of my childhood, I would imagine venturing into the hot breeze of the South while balancing between wearing a typical bathing suit that was necessary in the heat of the day while also trying to cover up with hats and scarves so as not to get burned to a crisp. This is not the scene I picture when thinking of the beach at Birling Gap. I picture more an experience of layers in order to be prepared for any weather and endless explorations for seashells, not in sand, but in the mildly rugged yet elegant forms of the flint and chalk stones. In perfect fairness, I only experienced The Seven Sisters in the winter and springtime; however, I would think that a light jacket might still be in order for cooler winds that may arise in the summer months.

Growing up in a place where you did everything you could to “beat the heat” and overwhelming sunshine at times; it was a change in perspective for me to visit a place where you eagerly awaited the sunny days and the absence of rain. On these, sometimes, rare days it became very necessary to stop what you were doing and try to make time to simply enjoy the outdoors and venture out into the beautiful creation around you. It was a delight and a treat to visit these awe-inspiring cliffs. This is a picture of a place very dear to my heart and I would hope to enjoy a cream tea, bundled in my winter coat, looking out toward the horizon again one day.


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