The Boy on the Bridge

This image of a young child in the middle of a suspension bridge is inspired from a photo taken by a dear friend. The original image is of a child in the forests of Nepal. When I first saw the picture, I could not tell what exactly about this scene captured my attention. In looking at the photograph, I found myself drawn in, as if I could walk out and meet the child on the bridge: as if he were inviting me to join him in his walk.

What I am only realizing and recalling now is how I once drew an image of a similar bridge, some time before seeing this photo. I drew this image as a symbol of a journey that would be very frightening to me. Imagining myself suspended above a precipice, needing to walk forward while distracted and in awe of the danger I was being held over, was a thought that had caused anxiety and hesitation in my mind. Now, when I look at this painting with the small child in the middle of the bridge, I am only reminded of an invitation to a journey, the trust that is required to move forward, and the faith it takes to keep stepping forward even to the middle of an overwhelming situation. I no longer see the drop beneath my feet. I only see the bridge holding me up along the way and the small child waiting to greet me.

This is one of the best pictures I have ever seen and it was an honor to represent it in this way.

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