Early Morning Bandits

I smile whenever I see this image (or the actual creatures this image represents). Not too long after I moved back to the United States, I was awoken by scurrying noises outside of my door. When I turned on the outside light and looked onto the deck, I discovered three very small and very eager raccoons. The little guys were doing everything they possibly could to get into the closed cat food container. As I surveyed the scene a bit closer, I noticed one of the cats standing close by with a look of shock and slight annoyance.

For some time, I enjoyed the scene and simply allowed the three bandits to give it all they had to try to break into the vault of feline cuisine. However, in the middle of the spectacle, I began to feel the sense that I was being watched. I then looked back over to the flabbergasted cat and found him peering out at me through the glass door- clearly he was done with the situation and was wondering what I was going to do about it. I began to tap on the door, lightly. One hurried away down the stairs. The other two only looked up toward me. And, as their bright eyes met the moonlight, I let out a gentle laugh. Finally, the sound of my laughing alerted them to my presence and they concluded that it was time to move on for the night.

They have been back many times since and I am sure I will take the time to depict them again.