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Carly Elise Dean

For as long as I can recall, visual expression through art has been of great importance for me. There are so many things in this world, both unpleasant and pleasing, to witness and try to understand. At this point in life, I have been blessed to experience and try to understand many places and many people throughout the world.
These “Envisioned Thoughts” presented through paint and drawing serve as an invitation to my travels and experiences. By harping on the pleasing things, my goal is to offer images of peace and joy. My hope is that you find some glimpse of delight through this international perspective expressed through art.

My Story

I was born and raised in Georgia in the United States of America. As a child I would frequently spend my free time doodling, drawing, and designing. My favorite toys were always white paper and markers and these interests grew into studies of the visual arts and a variety of materials. My childhood enjoyment in drawing eventually grew up into an enjoyment in making small cards and paintings for those closest to me. As an adult, I moved to Virginia to complete a degree in Art Therapy and Counseling where I learned more about the connection between visual arts and our thoughts and emotions. For the last two years, I have lived and worked in Northern Italy as an art teacher. All along these shifts and changes, I have had opportunities to visit other places including Ukraine, Nepal, and England.
Now, as I transition back to the USA, I have begun to reflect upon all of my journeys and experiences with people of other cultures and other countries. I have seen many beautiful things and met many wonderful people. By using drawing and painting, I am able to capture these moments that I cherish. Some of the images speak to my southern roots in the USA while others showcase adopted places that I treasure. More than anything, these “Envisioned Thoughts” reflect hues of my deepest and most genuine affections and reasons for thankfulness.